Our facilities include eleven state of the art injection molding machines ranging from 25 Ton to 400 Ton

Auxiliary  and support equipment:




DME 1:12 Zones Mold Temperature Controllers


Conveying Systems

Automatic Sprue and Part Separators

Photocell for Mold Safety


Plastic Molding Design:

Solid works Autocad and Cobolt.

Our engineering and design team will help you with any specialty application to find the perfect material designed for each and every special requirement of your plastic injection molded part or product.

Your ideas and our recommendations help to complete the injection process for the best performing and highest quality plastic injection molded application requirements.

Fabricating & Welding Equipment:

Miller TIG Welding Machines

Precision FMB bandsaw

Conveyor Systems

Assorted Fasteners

Polishing and Powder Coating

Automatic Vacuum Material Loaders

Material Level Sensors

Pneumatic Material Loaders

Auto Color Metering Systems 


Special Application Machinery:

25 Ton Verical Injection Molding Machine

50 Ton All Electric Injection Molding Machine