Turn Key Service:

Our Custom Injection Molding engineers will help you design the injection molded parts you need.

See us first when your custom injection molding demands innovations or stretching the limits of plastics technology.

Let our engineers help execute your design, prototype the part and produce the custom molded parts you need. We specialize in tough custom molding jobs where the design, choice of plastic, mold building and flow analysis are critical to production.

Existing Parts & Analysis Development:

Analyze and suggest improvements to your existing parts which require modifications to meet a product or component function.

Analysis from the start of the design process is important in your perfectly designed plastic component or product.

Materials For Plastic Injection Molding:

We offer an extensive experience with many materials including special blends and glass or mineral filled for your Plastic Injection molded part or component. Providing a wide range of plastics materials for manufacturing the highest quality, unique part application and product requirement.


Integrating the three key elements:

Industrial design

Product design

Tooling design

It is these three elements combined with an in-depth background of plastic's engineering that helps to insure our customer's satisfaction, product reliability and performance.

Mold Maintenance:

In-Process Preventive Inspection.

No Charge to Customers.

Make sure all leader pins, angle pins, cams, locks and all moving parts are greased and in good condition.

Inspect condition of wires, water hoses, hydraulic hoses/cylinders, limit switches, and moving parts.

Inspect condition of vents.

Inspect for water leakes and oil leaks



Secondary Operations :

Our comprehensive secondary operations and assembly scope enhance your Plastic Injection Molding component or part providing you with complete product from start to finish.

Services we provide, but not limited to:




Hot Stamping

Sub and Full Assemblies

Tap and Screw Insertion

Special Packaging